06 Mar

How to write a report that people will actually read

Producing reports is a necessary requirement for most organisations. But how can you grab and hold your reader’s attention so they read every word and engage with your story, rather than just flicking through the pages? Whether you’re compiling an Annual Report, Corporate Governance Statement or Sustainability Report, there are certain regulatory boxes you need…

26 Apr

Giving bad news to customers

What’s the best way to pass on news that you know your customers won’t like? If handled well, this can be a great opportunity to build a stronger connection and demonstrate your integrity.

31 Mar

How to work with a copywriter

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before, you might be wondering what’s involved, whether it’s worthwhile, and most importantly, how much it will cost.

17 Mar

My new business

After 19 years of working in marketing, communications and copywriting roles for small businesses, big businesses and agencies, it’s finally time to go out on my own.