26 Jul

Case study: Gillian Fox Group website rewrite

Gillian Fox Group is a Sydney-based educational consultant that specialises in executive coaching, keynote speaking, and career programs for women and emerging leaders.

Gillian approached me because she was taking her business in a new direction and wanted the website to reflect this strategy. And while there was plenty of great content on the website already, it was hard to follow and didn’t always speak to the target market.

My involvement
For this project, I rewrote and redesigned six key pages on the Gillian Fox Group website:

  • Home page
  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Executive Coaching
  • Advancing Women Programs
  • Rise Program
  • Keynote

This involved coming up with the overall business positioning, refining the benefits and key messages for each service, editing existing content, putting together new page layouts, and incorporating design elements such as images and videos. I also made use of the brilliant testimonials the team had collected over the years.

Most importantly, I had to make sure the new copy spoke to the right audience and captured Gillian Fox Group’s tone of voice.

The new pages are clean, succinct and really highlight the benefits to organisations of working with Gillian Fox Group. It’s now much easier to see what the team can offer and the unique value they provide to their clients. After the copy was done, Gillian took it to a web designer to finish off the pages. The new website is now live and it looks fantastic. Take a look: www.gillianfoxgroup.com.au

Client feedback
“I recently engaged Amanda Ortlepp to rewrite our website to support our organisation’s new direction. She was a great match for us and picked up on our writing style straight away. I found her copywriting to be terrific. It was engaging, well-polished, and most importantly it was exactly what we’d hoped for. Working with Amanda was a pleasure and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch copywriter.” Gillian Fox, Managing Director, Gillian Fox Group

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