Claiming Noah

Claiming Noah

A taut, emotional thriller about biology, ownership and love.

Catriona and James are desperate for children, and embark on an IVF program. After a gruelling round of treatments, Catriona finally falls pregnant, and they donate their remaining embryo anonymously.

Diana and Liam are on a waiting list to receive an embryo. Sooner than expected, they are thrilled to discover one is available. After a difficult pregnancy, Catriona gives birth to Sebastian.

But severe postnatal depression affects her badly, and quickly turns into deadly psychosis. For her protection and her baby’s, she’s admitted into psychiatric care. When she comes home, she again struggles to bond with her baby, but gradually life finds its own rhythm.

Meanwhile, Diana has given birth to a beautiful little boy, Noah. But when he is two months old Noah is abducted … and Diana and Liam’s nightmare begins.

Where is Noah?

“What Ortlepp does so well is bring the characters to life. She pulls apart their relationships until you’re left with exposed fears, entrenched defensive mechanisms and the everyday push and pull of relationships.”

The Australian Bookshelf

Claiming Noah, from debut author Amanda Ortlepp, tugs on the heartstrings, exploring a modern day dilemma raised by fertility treatments which challenges society’s ideas of motherhood and family.”

Book’d Out

“This book blew me away. It is such a realistic piece of literature that envelopes some of the most endearing characters I have ever read about.”

Aussie Bookworm

Claiming Noah is a confronting book that is going to be hard reading for some. I found it to be touching and terrifying, heartbreaking and compassionate.”

Michelle, Beauty and Lace

“Complex and thought-provoking, Claiming Noah is one of those books that invites opinions and discussions.”

The Blurb Magazine

“This Aussie offering will tug at your heartstrings as it considers the very sensitive issues of infertility, IVF and embryo donation.”

Styling You

Claiming Noah is a compelling novel from a new voice in fiction.”

Culture Street

“A gripping, emotionally charged story of two sets of parents who could never imagine that their quest for a child could become such an ordeal.”

Herald Sun

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